XPS development course and application in the field of construction category!
Published:2017-11-30 13:26:42
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XPS extruded board based on polystyrene resin as raw material to add other enclosure, inject catalyst by cooking at the same time, and then extruded extrusion molding, made of a rigid foam material. Its research and development time about in the 1950 s, with its unique superior lasting adiabatic performance, unique steam resistance, high compressive strength, convenient installation condition is widely applied in the world. Decades of the advent of XPS products, XPS has been used in the building structure, and accumulated experience, in the residential building as heat insulation material, especially the roof insulation application is very extensive. However, XPS extruded plate prices abroad, the cause is the main raw material polystyrene price $13000 / ton, market promotion is difficult, XPS was introduced to China in the late 90 s, with a factory in China in 1998, and this situation is resolved soon after, in 2002 countries on the basis of the original extruded foam board technology, with reference to foreign similar equipment technology, developed the plank recovery technology, recycled sheet material can be put into production, by the national authoritative department detection, produced by the plate completely conforms to the national GB/T1084-2 (adiabatic with extruded polystyrene foam plastic) detection of the requirements of the market after the rapid popularity. 

Second, the XPS application in the field of architecture 

1, the composite wall heat insulation heat preservation material, the wall like that image of biscuit, and XPS is in the middle of the sandwich layer, its role is to prevent the wall heat exchange with the outside world, which have the effect of heat insulation heat preservation; 

2, building underground wall foundation in cold regions, often appear frost infiltration, and result in ground frost heave, the grass-roots structure damage. Because the XPS bibulous rate is extremely low, used in underground construction has the good moistureproof, waterproof, the XPS under at the grass-roots level, can make the frost penetration and the influence of frost minimum base layer freezing conditions, effective control of ground frost heave; 

Three, roof insulation heat preservation, including comparative perfect way is inverted construction method, the first to complete the construction of the roof membrane, and then on the waterproof layer insulation; 

4, highway, airport runway, such as the place that need high pressure material; 

5, cold storage, extremely low temperature special conditions, such as hydrophobic determines the XPS in freeze-thaw environment can still can maintain its important structural characteristics, the stability of the molecular structure of XPS in the extremely low temperature environment can still maintain excellent weather-resistance; 

6, in view of the floating floor heavily used in indoor decoration, XPS matting treasure to solve leveling, be affected with damp be affected with damp, bug eat by moth, heat preservation, sound insulation, such as trouble back at home, raised floor system as a whole. 

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